Sankt LazarusOrden av Jerusalem - Malta

Ordens 49:e Stormästare H.R.H. Prins Pieter Cantacuzino

Magisterial Cross of Merit

a. The Magisterial Cross of Merit of the Order may be conferred only upon Members of the Order performing meritorious conduct.

b. The awards of the Magisterial Cross of Merit of the Order shall be from junior to senior:

-    Magisterial Bronze Cross of Merit (MBCrLJ)

-    Magisterial Silver Cross of Merit (MSCrLJ)

-    Magisterial Golden Cross of Merit (MGCrLJ)

c. Such Crosses of Merit may only be conferred to those members who are long time officials who have supported the Order.

d. The ribbon is purple with two striped green edges. 



Magisterial Medal of Merit
a. The Magisterial Medal of Merit of the Order may be conferred upon Members and Non members of the Order and on those performing meritorious conduct.

b. The awards of the Magisterial Medal of Merit of the Order shall be from junior to senior:

-    Magisterial Bronze Medal of Merit (MBMLJ)

-    Magisterial Silver Medal of Merit (MSMLJ)

-    Magisterial Gold Medal of Merit (MGMLJ)






Donat Cross

a.  A category of Donat shall be open those whose munificence has been of signal assistance in the charitable works of the Order, including Members of the Order. It is given in three classes. The insignia is a three limbed Cross edged with gold for the third class, edged with gold surmounted by a Military Trophy for the second class, and edged with gold surmounted by the crown of the Order for first class. The same shall depend in each case from a neck ribbon of amaranthine red with a narrow green stripe down the centre and edged with gold.

b. The awards of the Donat Crosses of the Order shall be from junior to senior:

-    Donat 3rd Class (Don3LJ)

-    Donat 2nd Class (Don2LJ)

-    Donat 1st Class (Don1LJ)

c. The award of the Donat Cross alone does not constitute membership in the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem nor does it confer any knightly title, but holders of the Donat Cross are entitled to wear the Church Cape (Mantle) of the Order.






Meritorious Medal Service Decoration

a. The Meritorious Service Decoration (MSDLJ), may be conferred to any Member of the Order, who has completed twenty years of continuous service as an official office bearer to recognise the extraordinary amount of time given to the Order.

b. It must be expressly noted, that this decoration is not simply for being a member for twenty years.



Seniority Cross (Long Service Decoration)

a. The Seniority Cross Decoration is reserved for persons who have been members for a specific periods of time.

b. The awards of the Seniority Cross Decorations, shall be from junior to senior::

-    Bronze Seniority Cross (10 years) (BSCrLJ)

-    Silver Seniority Cross (15 years) (SSCrLJ)

-    Gold Seniority Cross (20 years) (GSCrLJ).



The Cross of Honour of the Order
a.  The Cross of Honour (HCrLJ) is a distinctive sign that the Order grants for honorific or diplomatic reasons, for distinguished personalities who participate in important ceremonies or meetings of the Order.

b. It may also given to members of the Order who have distinguished themselves in the dissemination and propaganda in favour of the Order.

c. The Sash of Honour (HSLJ) is reserved for Diplomats of the Order or Grand Masters of other Orders who have collaborated with the Order of Saint Lazarus.



Crusader’s Medal (Pilgrim’s Shell)

a.  The Crusader’s Medal (traditionally called Pilgrim’s Shell; PSLJ) may be conferred to any Member or Affiliate of the Order recognising his pilgrimage to the Holy Land and to other religious places. This pilgrimage must have been under religious auspices and can  include any major sites in the Holy Land (like the old city of Jerusalem with Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre; the Tomb and Church of St. Lazarus in the village of Bethany; the birthplace of Our Lord in Bethlehem; the cities of Nazareth and of St. Joan d’Acri, as well as San Giovanni Rotondo, Fatima, Santiago de Compostela, and Lourdes etc and any other places of pilgrimage).